Friday, June 11, 2010

HeatherLynn Photography : Moses Lake Maternity Photographer

Last night I met up with Tanya, who is about the most adorable pregnant soon-to-be momma EVER! I had her bring some dresses so we could try out more natural artsy type portraits of her, not so much belly pictures. I absolutely LOVE the results we got! I know everyone has been complaining up this never ending rain and wind we've had lately, but I must admit, beautiful blue clouds in the sky, beat a white sky in portraits any day!
Can't wait to meet little Addison and photograph her in the upcoming weeks!

Perfect Sky...and Belly!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

FINALLY!!! Some sun!

So it's been hit and miss lately around this area for a day with nice weather...actually around everywhere lately from what I hear! Over the last week I've only had 3 days that we were able to move outside for pictures! But we took full advantage of it :) This evening I photographed little miss Kayana! I've been doing her pictures since she was just a little baby and although she's a tough one to make crack a smile, it's always a pleasure!
Flower Child

On another nice sunny day, I spent some time with Candace and her cute little family! They are expecting their first baby boy! He has two adorable big sisters who are ready and waiting for him to make his appearance! I'm pretty sure his mommy will be ready anytime he is too haha!
Sunny Day
Baby Boy

And a couple senior boys....who waited until the bitter end but made it right on time for pictures :)
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