Friday, July 16, 2010

HeatherLynn Photography : Moses Lake Newborn Photography

Summer is in full swing, and my sweet precious baby clients are being born every other day! I <3 it when I get that much awaited email or call that "baby" has arrived and it's time to schedule their newborn session! On Tuesday I had the pleasure of meeting baby "A" and photographing him at only 7 days old! He was a tiny little thang at just over 6lbs! I'm sticking to my original statement that the smaller the baby, the feistier they are!!! :)

moses lake wa
IMG_8642 copy
moses lake wa

Thursday, July 1, 2010

HeatherLynn Photography : Moses Lake Newborn Baby Photographer

As all of you know I'm sure, babies are my absolute FAVORITE subject to photograph. I've been in heaven lately because 90% of my sessions have been new, cuddly babies! And I have seven more mommas due in the next 4 weeks! I am beyond excited to capture such precious moments for these new families!

On a side note, with so many new babies being born, my schedule is getting so crazy that I decided to start booking for holiday sessions early instead of in September like I generally do! So if you're looking to book a holiday session between October and December make sure to contact me ASAP to reserve your date!

Looking forward to all the up and coming sessions! Make sure to follow me on facebook to see sneak peaks after each session! Facebook gets updated far more then my blog lately ;)

And of course...what kind of post would this be without a picture share :)

itty bitty


Pretty in Pink

Funny Faces

Pictures before the rain


My Big Boy :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

HeatherLynn Photography : Moses Lake Maternity Photographer

Last night I met up with Tanya, who is about the most adorable pregnant soon-to-be momma EVER! I had her bring some dresses so we could try out more natural artsy type portraits of her, not so much belly pictures. I absolutely LOVE the results we got! I know everyone has been complaining up this never ending rain and wind we've had lately, but I must admit, beautiful blue clouds in the sky, beat a white sky in portraits any day!
Can't wait to meet little Addison and photograph her in the upcoming weeks!

Perfect Sky...and Belly!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

FINALLY!!! Some sun!

So it's been hit and miss lately around this area for a day with nice weather...actually around everywhere lately from what I hear! Over the last week I've only had 3 days that we were able to move outside for pictures! But we took full advantage of it :) This evening I photographed little miss Kayana! I've been doing her pictures since she was just a little baby and although she's a tough one to make crack a smile, it's always a pleasure!
Flower Child

On another nice sunny day, I spent some time with Candace and her cute little family! They are expecting their first baby boy! He has two adorable big sisters who are ready and waiting for him to make his appearance! I'm pretty sure his mommy will be ready anytime he is too haha!
Sunny Day
Baby Boy

And a couple senior boys....who waited until the bitter end but made it right on time for pictures :)
IMG_4663-2 copyIMG_4500 copy

Sunday, May 23, 2010

48 Hour Canvas Sale!!!


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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Meet Kayser :)


This sweet baby girl has been long awaited by her VERY proud mommy and daddy! She was such a dream to photograph! So tiny at just around 6 1/2 lbs she fit perfectly in all my props :) She gave me 1 1/2 hours straight of deep sleep! But we definitely knew when she was done! Those little girls can get fiesty :)
Thanks so much for letting me capture some of the first days of your sweet baby girls life Holly and Dave! It was great meeting you both!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Welcome Baby Nicolaz :)

Late last night one of my very best friends welcomed her third, sweet baby boy into the world at 11:45pm! I was fortunate enough to make it right on time and get some shots of him when he was just minutes old! He's soooo adorable and such a chunker at 9lbs 3oz and 21 1/2 inches long! He definitely beat his brothers in the weight department at almost 2 lbs heavier at birth then both of them!! I'm so looking forward to watching Nicolaz and Ayden grow up together! :) Congrats Laz and Heidi! Love ya both!



Monday, May 17, 2010

Spring Mini Sessions :)

o this past Saturday we had our annual Spring Mini Sessions :) I had been planning everything for these special sessions for over a month when a WEEK before the shoots my giant pine tree fell right in the middle of my photo shoot spot in my backyard! I'll admit, I panicked for a mine, or hour who knows. But thanks to Arnold and our wonderful friends the guys got that tree chopped up and piled up before my sessions! I was sooo happy when everyone fell into place and all the adorable kiddos came to visit! We had a blast and the weather was perfect!!!! Can't wait for next years Spring Minis!


Sweet May Babies :)

May has been a busy month for newborns, which is of course heaven for me! I've had so many beautiful babies in my studio the last few weeks and have many more due to be born any day now! Can't wait to meet them and photograph them soon!
On a very exciting note as well, I'm scheduled to photograph my first birth experience this week! I'm so excited to share that amazing experience with my wonderful clients :)

IMG_1239 - Copy

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Totally in *L*O*V*E*

I had the pleasure of photographing my beautiful friend and her fiance this last Monday! They're soooo adorable together and totally worked the camera the entire time, even though a few times I think they forgot I was there! Can you say MOOSHY! LOL I had a blast and the lighting was perfect the entire session! THANK YOU CLOUDS! :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring Mini Sessions


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

WOW! So much has changed!

So I haven't blogged since December....bad me! So much has changed! I've met tons of adorable newborns throughout the last few months and gotten to take some adorable pictures of them! We also welcomed our own sweet baby boy into the world on February 24th!

I'm so excited for all the new things to come to HeatherLynn Photography this year! I have two mini session events in the works, some new products available, and of course tons of sweet babies I'll be photographing throughout the next months!

If you're not already following me on facebook, you can become a fan here

It's been a busy busy month...and of course I can't not share these adorable cuties!

Baby "J"
Baby Joseph

Baby "B"
Pretty Baby

Baby "G"

Little Poser
Baby "I"

Baby Girl

Baby "J"
So sweet

Baby "D"
Baby Dawson

Notice a trend? EVERYONE is having baby boys right now! :)

Mr. Elijah turned TWO! He was my first newborn I photographed when I first opened back in 2008!
Happy 2nd Birthday

And my first 3 month old when I opened my business also turned 2!
Kaysen turns 2

Can't forget my sweet Ayden Hunter
I love this little guy!
And both of my sweeties!
I just love them!
She's been wanting to do this since before he was born!