Thursday, January 29, 2009

FREE GIVEAWAY!!!!! Don't pass this opportunity up!

So, its rare that I give away a FREE session...BUT I just got in a whole new shipment of props, and a new camera, and want to play with two lucky newborns this weekend!!! So here's the details, if you, or anyone you know just recently had a new baby, and are interested in having them photographed by HeatherLynn Photography, then send me an email before Friday 5pm and TWO, yes, TWO lucky winners will receive a FREE of charge newborn sitting fee! This is a $100.00 savings so take advantage of it while its available! Session openings will be Saturday and Sunday this weekend only so enter now!

Winners will be notified Friday by 8:00pm by email, or phone, whichever you prefer! Send email entries to
HEATHERLYNNPHOTOS@YAHOO.COM include your name, as well as the applicants name if you're entering for someone else, your email, phone number, and the age of the newborn along with any questions you may have! Don't miss this opportunity! I promise you won't be disappointed!

Guidelines to enter
*newborns must be 14 days or younger to qualify
*parents must be willing to sign a release form, stating I am able to use any images taken during the session on my website, or any other advertisement I deem necessary
*and that's all :)

Hey----isn't this a newborn pose?
Sleeping in a leaf...what baby doesn't want to?
Pretty in Pink
There's that hat again! I'm so glad it came in the mail today :)
Sweet Angel
016etexturesat wm

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sneak Peak...Addy

I got to meet cute little Addy this weekend. Originally, this session was supposed to be a cake smash :), but after we discovered she wasn't to into the cake, we just stuck with a regular photo session haha. But we still got some adorable pictures from it, and we had lots of fun too!

Say What!?
Cheeeeeese!!! Someones 1!pinky!
Silly Silly

Monday, January 19, 2009

Introducing Boudoir. Right in time for Valentines day :)

As I am entering all new varieties of photography, I wanted to introduce Boudoir Photography. I had my first session yesterday and let me tell you, ANY husband would love these as a gift! Every woman should be able to feel beautiful and these sessions will do just that. I loved hearing comments after proofing these for the client like, "omg you made me so beautiful!" No, you are already beautiful, but Boudoir Photography gives you the opportunity to see that beauty in a different light! There are SO many different types of boudoir available, and during consultation we can discuss exactly what type you're looking for.
Once you book your session we will choose together a perfect location, whether it be my hotel room, or a gorgeous hotel suite, we will make it fabulous!

Package options below...

Package 1 $99
Includes 1-2 hour session, unlimited posing and outfit changes, and 1 free 8x10

Package 2 $150
Same as package 1, but also includes a 50.00 print credit

Package 3 $200
Same as package 2, but also includes hairstyling and makeup. Included with Package 3 you will also receive a free calendar with 12 of the best shots from the session


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hey----isn't this a newborn pose?

I just had to share. This is my friends son, Mattias. Isn't he the cutest baby EVER!!!! And such a trooper! Letting me hang him in this crazy contraption! I just thought it was adorable! And btw yes, this is a newborn pose, but he's new enough, RIGHT?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Baby M has made her arrival!

Sneak Peak from today session :) I'm lovin' up all these newbies lately! Keep them coming everyone, I could never get tired of such sweeties! I photographed Baby M's mommy a few months ago and was so excited to get the call about her arrival! And SO tiny! Only 5 lbs 7 oz! Just a tiny bundle of joy!

CBMaternity 049

Welcome Baby M!
Sweet Baby Smiles
Sweet Baby Smiles

Baby in a Bowl
Baby M 102 copy

Perfectly Pink
Baby M 071

Soundly Sleeping
Basket Babe

Beary Cute!
Baby bear in a bowl! 5lbs 7oz and 10 days old!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sneak Peak!

I was so excited when I finally got to photograph these beautiful baby girls! It took some time getting them relaxed and allowing us to take pictures of them, but the end result was so worth the effort! I'm proofing away as we speak, but I'm just so in love with the pics I had to add a sneak peak ASAP! :)

All tuckered out!
Leaf Baby
Sleeping in a leaf...what baby doesn't want to?twins 041

Sweet Angel
Floating Baby

More to come! :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Catching up!

Phew! Things have been crazy over the holidays and I finally have a second to sit down and update! I'm so glad the holidays are over and life can finally get back to normal. As a lot of you know, I've been designing logos and other business products for a while now, and business has taken off! I'm in the process of starting a site for my logos, as well as redoing my current website with a fun new layout! It should be up sometime next week and I'll be sure to let everyone know! I wanted to share some recent pictures from sessions as well! I will for sure be back tomorrow to update, I'm photographing some newborn baby girl twins and I can't hardly wait! :)

So to start, here's Hallee modeling some adorable leg warmers from! Check her site out she's awesome! She has the funnest patterns and best prices around!
Hallee 042
Hallee 028
She was over taking pictures by this point! haha
Hallee 050 copy
but I really just wanted to try out my new gray backdrop hahah
Hallee 035 copy

Here's my friends baby Mattias! Isn't he just a ball of cuteness? It was so fun to take his pictures! He's just so cute and happy!
021 wm
016etexturesat wm

Can't forget some big brother lovin' too!
062 wm

awe! I can't wait to take his pictures again! :)

Cutie Patootie Brayden!
144 wm

Fun winter portraits!
107 colors

Santa pictures!!! Thanks for everyone who showed up even in the 7 degree temperature!! Hope to see you all next year as well!!
Santa Portraits HeatherLynn

Little Doll Chloe!
010 copy

Ashleys Seniors!
Ashley Seniors

Ty's Seniors

Phew! Okay I'll update more later! My little sickly baby girl is awake now so I better go give her some lovin!