Thursday, January 29, 2009

FREE GIVEAWAY!!!!! Don't pass this opportunity up!

So, its rare that I give away a FREE session...BUT I just got in a whole new shipment of props, and a new camera, and want to play with two lucky newborns this weekend!!! So here's the details, if you, or anyone you know just recently had a new baby, and are interested in having them photographed by HeatherLynn Photography, then send me an email before Friday 5pm and TWO, yes, TWO lucky winners will receive a FREE of charge newborn sitting fee! This is a $100.00 savings so take advantage of it while its available! Session openings will be Saturday and Sunday this weekend only so enter now!

Winners will be notified Friday by 8:00pm by email, or phone, whichever you prefer! Send email entries to
HEATHERLYNNPHOTOS@YAHOO.COM include your name, as well as the applicants name if you're entering for someone else, your email, phone number, and the age of the newborn along with any questions you may have! Don't miss this opportunity! I promise you won't be disappointed!

Guidelines to enter
*newborns must be 14 days or younger to qualify
*parents must be willing to sign a release form, stating I am able to use any images taken during the session on my website, or any other advertisement I deem necessary
*and that's all :)

Hey----isn't this a newborn pose?
Sleeping in a leaf...what baby doesn't want to?
Pretty in Pink
There's that hat again! I'm so glad it came in the mail today :)
Sweet Angel
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Whitney said...

Yay!! You wont have a free weekend afterall! :)

Amber said...

your photos make me wanna make just one more baby!