Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Kaysen!

Another one of my first newborns are turning 1 soon! I can't believe how fast they're all growing, and its so exciting to see them come back and see how much they've changed! I will have to give Kaysen an award! He was the first and ONLY baby to eat the WHOLE cake in less then 15 minutes! Thank goodness is was a small cake! I can only imagine how he'll react at his birthday party when he gets to have a full size cake haha!

Cake Fun
Kaysen 1st Birthday


SJ Styles said...

These are SUPER cute :)

luckeelady said...

he is so cute and it looks like he is really enjoying digging into the cake... thanks for the comment by the way.... I love Scentsy too! when I had my first party for someone I couldn't decide between the scents so I ended up with like 20 and just had to sign up because I couldn't get enough of it!