Monday, May 17, 2010

Spring Mini Sessions :)

o this past Saturday we had our annual Spring Mini Sessions :) I had been planning everything for these special sessions for over a month when a WEEK before the shoots my giant pine tree fell right in the middle of my photo shoot spot in my backyard! I'll admit, I panicked for a mine, or hour who knows. But thanks to Arnold and our wonderful friends the guys got that tree chopped up and piled up before my sessions! I was sooo happy when everyone fell into place and all the adorable kiddos came to visit! We had a blast and the weather was perfect!!!! Can't wait for next years Spring Minis!



Hannah said...

Gorgeous! I love the pictures!

Pink Kiwi Studios said...

Great job! Love the photos.

Dorean Pope Photography said...

LOVE that last shot!! I am envying all of your props. The tires are TOO cute!